Rabid Baits Craw 3 Soft Plastic Crawfish Bait – Choose Color

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Product Description Reviews The Ned Fox Tail is the most effective Ned Rig bait ever made. Mimicking both a worm and crawfish ribbed bodies, combined

Rabid Fox Tail - 3 Ned Rig Bait for Freshwater & Saltwater Fishing 6 - Pack

Soft Fishing Lures + Hair - Catch More Fish With Rabid Baits!

BIG BASS BUNDLE: The Rabid Baits Big Bass Bundle has a soft plastic for every situation. Includes 4 packs of the Rabid Craw Soft Plastic Bait and 4

Rabid Baits Big Bass Bundle, Assortment of Rabid Craw Soft Plastic Baits & Rabid Baits Shaker Worms for Fishing

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River2Sea Stand N Yabbie 80 Crawdad / Crawfish Bait – Three Rivers Tackle

An ideal bait to throw when bass are keyed in on small crawfish, the Savage Gear Ned Craw delivers a highly realistic presentation when paired with your favorite Ned jig head. The Ned Craw features a lifelike crawfish profile with striking anatomical accuracy. Molded from a custom Duratech formulation, these Ned-baits are soft enough to achieve the perfect quivering action when hopped along the bottom, yet retain their durability to land multiple fish on each bait.

Savage Gear Ned Craw - Albino Craw