Ram Mounts Hobie Ram Tube Jr Rod Holder

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Ideally suited for a wide range of applications and fishing vessels, this rod holder is quickly becoming known as the most versatile rod holder on the market. This configuration includes the RAM ROD Revolution ratchet arm with single open socket. Combining the patented RAM rubber ball and socket system with a ratcheting feature; this rod holder has almost infinite adjustability and configuration options.

Ram Mount Tube Jr Fishing Rod Holder with Socket Base

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Ram Mounts Hobie Ram Tube Jr Rod Holder - Fogh Marine Store

Tough-Tube Rod Holder with Track BaseThe Tough-Tube Rod Holder with Track Base kit is compatible with the RAM Tough-Track to provide an ideal fishing rod holder mounting solution. Attach the rod holder using the included track base and RAM ROD ratchet attachment. The track base’s tether point secures your rod holder while the adjustable ratchet attachment allows for multiple angles, keeping you in control out on the water. Features: 1. Quick release and installation 2.

Ram Tough-Tube Rod Holder with Track Base

The RAP-119SW consists of the RAM-TUBE 2008 fishing rod holder and 2.5 diameter round base that contains the universal AMPS hole pattern. Offering the patented RAM rubber ball, socket and ratcheting feature, you can rotate the rod holder 360 degrees, while tilting the cradle forward and back for the optimum angle. The RAM-TUBE 2008 tube holder integrates the patented rubber ball and socket design with a self draining and quick to access tube for the butt of most any fishing rod.

RAM-TUBE 2008 Fishing Rod Holder (no Base)

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The Hobie RAM Tube 2008 Rod Holder is one of the most popular rod holders around. It’s ultra-durable and easy to attach or remove. With just a twist

ram mount tube jr. fishing rod holder w/ socket base

RAM Mount 1 Ball & Arm Hook2